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Materials Should be Helping You, Not Hurting You

A Custom Approach to Eliminating Material Shortages, Stock Outs, and Late Shipments in 3 Months or Less

Sound Familiar? 

Too Much or Not Enough Inventory
Constant Firefighting
Bill of Materials and Transaction Errors
Regular Expediting
Unplanned Schedule Changes
Dreading the Next Crisis

We provide a solution and a way out.

Eliminate Material Problems
Material shortages are a major obstacle to any company's growth. Manufacturing and distribution companies need a Dynamic Demand Solution that results in a proprietary system driving smooth material flow.

Are your material shortages leading to frustrated customers and employees? 

We've helped over 100 companies eliminate these complex problems.


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Slego Industries

Leaders Have No Time to Waste.

That's why we developed advanced, hands-on simulations that are like no other: SLEGO Industries. These simulations are central to the development and design of each client's proprietary solution.  SLEGO  even has an ERP system, ‘snORACLE Lite’


“At least monthly, 300 Honda workers sat idle waiting on a truck to arrive with parts. Finally, Rob and I were assigned to this project
... more
-Brock Dilbone, 
Honda Purchasing
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“While looking for an external partner, trust was a top priority. Leading our organization through major transformation ...more
-Kevin Bailey,
President of Bailey International

Results: in 3 Months or Less, Expect

Right Materials, in the Right Place at the Right Time.

Eliminate complex material shortages and their consequences from your company.

Bandwidth for Accelerated Growth

Enable your company to grow at an accelerated pace.

Industry Leader

Be the leader of the pack in delivery and customer satisfaction.
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Getting Started

Step 1: 

This initial discussion allows us to focus on your goals and objectives.

Step 2: 

After the initial assessment, we create your custom materials roadmap. 

Step 3: 

We guide your team through the implementation of your solution.