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"When Rob told me what he could do with our team, I thought, either this guy is crazy or he is going to do what he says he will. The results were obvious. As the roadmap started every aspect of our business began to change. I spent twenty years of my career leading our company and had never seen it come to life like when we worked with Rob. I referred to his art as, 'the sophistication of simplicity.' He and I had a dream of being able to run the whole global company on a single spreadsheet. We almost did it."
-Dr. Ron Nutt, CEO (Acquired by Siemens Healthineers)
Brock Dilbone Honda
“At least monthly, 300 Honda workers sat idle waiting on a truck to arrive with parts. Finally, Rob and I were assigned to this project and given orders; either solve these materials problems, or close the Glacier plant. We implemented this new dynamic demand solution that even required us to stop using our Honda Delta II – MRP system. Within four weeks, our teamwork eliminated years of pain. Nine months after being Honda’s worst supplier, Glacier was awarded Supplier Delivery and Quality Awards. They also got the Most Improved Supplier of the Year. It was crazy, going from potentially closing the plant to sending other suppliers for tours.”

-Brock Dilbone, Honda Purchasing, Anna Engine Plant
Kevin B Logo_edited.png
“While looking for an external partner, trust was a top priority. Leading our organization through major transformation, Rob’s integrity, trust and commitment was clearly obvious as he and his team provided us vision, tools, technology and a pathway to a new Bailey. Our company became positioned for growing at an accelerated pace as a result of their approach.”
-Kevin Bailey, President
Juel Hensley Siemens Healthineers
“I’ve worked here for twenty years and never thought anything like what we did was possible. We made complicated $2M nuclear medical devices with over 3,000 parts and had an eighteen-month backlog. By September we had doubled production and gone from chasing parts every day to not a single material shortage. Over the next nine months, we went from 37% supplier, on-time delivery to 94% with $25M of less inventory. It really defies logic, but that’s just what happened.”

-Juel Hensley, Director of Purchasing
Tom Timmerman Carlisle Syntec
“With 3,000 SKU’s and seven plants in five states, getting the right materials to the right place took all our energy, every day. Still, our fill rates stayed around 90% even working Saturdays. This was a difficult decision, but the fact was, for three years we had tried everything else. Within seven months our fill rates reached 100% with 30% less inventory adding well over $100M of annual revenue.”
-Tom Timmermann, EVP of Operations
Jay Walp Bailey International
“We were doing quite well with customers and suppliers around the world, but our customer win rate was extremely low. During our transformation roadmap, our sixteen-week lead-time dropped to four weeks. Within 24 months we went from 525 custom cylinders per month to 3,800. It was exciting for certain!”
-Jay Walp, Global Demand Planning
Tom Freeland Shaw Carpet
“Never in a million years would I have imagined that changing our scheduling algorithms would bring such drastic improvement. Within days, our fill rates started going up and eventually eliminated the need for an entire distribution center and 120 tractor trailers.”

-Tom Freeland, Director of Operations 
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